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What is JCPSeSchool Middle School?

Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY, offer a credit recovery program for middle school students, grades 6-8, through JCPSeSchool. These classes provide a virtual learning experience using the internet. The purpose of this program is to assist middle school students with core content learning in the areas of reading, writing, math, and social studies. The highly qualified staff at eSchool teaches all the courses, grades all work submitted, and provides feedback to each student using an in-course email system called In Touch.

Participation Information

To participate in a credit recovery course, a student must be recommended for enrollment by the staff at the local school. An eLiaison at each location is trained by the eSchool staff regarding responsibilities, on-site supervision, and basic use of the program to assist teachers and students at the local school. The eLiaison becomes the point-of-contact between eSchool and the local school. JCPSeSchool also has Reading Recovery and Math Recovery courses to address the needs of students who did not master those sections on the state assessment. In addition, eSchool offers an On-Demand Writing course to prepare students for the on-demand portion of the state assessment. For ECE students, assistance may be given at any time during the lessons and quizzes, but state assessment guidelines based on the student's IEP for testing must be followed on the final exam. There is no fee for JCPS students enrolled by their local school. Course work is available to home school students, as well as those outside Jefferson County, but there is a fee. Pricing information is in the Middle School Facts link below.

Middle School Facts

How Courses Work

Each course requires a student to demonstrate mastery of the content before moving to the next lesson. Courses are divided into lessons, quizzes, unit tests (writing courses include practice writing and scaffolding of a portfolio-suitable piece), and a final exam. Although the content is on grade level, each lesson is written one to two grades below grade level for readability. The lessons offered in a course can be customized to align with a school's pacing guides. Lessons include: " Embedded "check for understanding" questions which must be answered correctly on the first attempt. " Re-teach sections for students needing additional help with the content with more embedded "check for understanding" questions. " Graded quizzes covering the content which must be passed with a score of 80% or higher. After several lessons and quizzes in reading, social studies, and math, the student takes a module/unit test. In writing courses, the student assessments include quizzes, a practice writing piece, and a polished final piece which must score at least apprentice level. All tests must be passed with a score of 70% or higher before a student is eligible to request the final exam.

Completing a Course

After a student successfully completes all course work, a proctored final exam is given at the local school. The final exam must be passed with a score of 70% or higher. A letter of completion is sent to the school when a student completes all of the requirements. The local school determines how the grade is applied. JCPSeSchool has a history of providing quality lessons and a unique learning environment that is always on the cutting edge. The Middle School Credit Recovery Program is helping eSchool expand while keeping the tradition of excellence alive.

Dawson Orman Education Center

900 South Floyd Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Telephone: (502) 485-7800
Fax: (502) 485-7950

Please allow 30 minutes for registration.


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday, 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Summer hours may vary.


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